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Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Simple Things

{This weeks simple thing}

Taking my three little girls to Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic.  It's free and it provides us with a hands on experience with them to build something of their own.  They get so excited for these clinics that they count down the days and go to bed early the night before.

This week was Monster Machines.  For every workshop they complete they get a badge/patch to add on to their apron.  We adults are sad really... never fails that at least one child has their project messed up because we didn't know how to read or failed to read the instructions.  As you can see here, Aleshanee's words were nailed on upside down.  I promise, I'll be better next time.  In two weeks it will be Halloween Monster Trucks.  Sounds complicated so I must be focused to get it right next time.

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1 comment:

Pidg said...

Haha! So cute...that's so me reading the directions wrong. I am so messed up by directions and patterns so I can't use them. The girls looks so happy ;)