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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Small Business Month:: The Moment I Decided to turn my Hobby into my Business

October is...

This week...
Here is the theme/challenge:
Tell about the moment you decided to turn your hobby into your business, and if you have not opened your "doors" yet, what is stopping you?
{Time? Resources? Fear?}

A Little Piece of Me
The Blog... Started on August 14, 2011
I am a stay at home mom and have stumbled onto some great blogs.  Two of the first and very inspiring to me... Little Miss Momma, and Momma Go Round.  I would read get excited when a new post was up because I could not wait to hear what they had to say about their life.  The were real, honest, made mistakes, and it was okay.  I was encouraged by them and how relatable they were.

Recently I came across another blog, Miss Mommy.  The first post I read on her blog was about a toddler meltdown while out shopping.  I could relate to that so well, I remember what I wrote to her.  From that moment, I would stalk read all her posts and the more I read the more I felt like she was relatable to me and my life in various struggles.

I told Nicole, from Miss Mommy that I was inspired by Ashley, from Little Miss Momma, and Nina from Momma Go Round and had been thinking of starting my own blog.  I've been addicted to facebook for the 2 years I've been using the social network and I'm always sharing different heart thoughts, emotional updates and other things that I don't think people care to hear on facebook.  I mean, there are those things being circulated about "I don't care about your farm, mafia, kids pictures.... etc...." so I figured I needed another outlet for those who want to hear what I have to say to get my thoughts someplace.  so with a little reply back from Nicole telling me I should go for it... I did!  I mean, I've had my blogger account for a long time, just never used it.  I have 6 kids and I had trouble enough trying to name them... now I gotta come up with a name for my blog?!  Yikes!  I had no idea what it should be.  But that day I slapped something together and published it.  I have loved it ever since.

A Little Piece of Me
The Etsy shop:: Opened October 2, 2011
This part was easy.  I have been creating things for as long as I can remember.  My mother is an excellent artist, sewer, crafter, baker, plumber, landscaper, maintenance, well... you get the idea.  Yes, I am serious.  She does it all.

So I have sold my creations before but not as a business.  When I saw my fellow bloggers opening up their etsy shops I finally gave it serious thought.  I already have stuff I could list that has been just sitting around the house so that part wasn't hard at all.  

This is all new to me.  Previous to this I worked as a File Clerk for a Real Estate Owner/Management Company, started and failed my Realtor-Associate Career, and been a stay-at-home mom.  I have been searching for so long for something that would suit me.  I finally feel like this is what I should be doing.  Now, If I could only make some money doing it, everything would be perfect!  =)

How about you?  Do you have a Hobby that you turned into a Business?  If so, what was your moment?  If not, what's stopping you?

All my heart

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Sunny Vanilla said...

Hi Salena! I'm linking up after you over at Three's 4 Me. It's good to "meet" you. I'm your newest follower :-)

Emily said...

Hello there! I'm stopping by from Three's 4 Me's super fun linky party. Congrats on starting your blog and opening your own shop! I wish you all the success in the world.

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

Sarah B. said...

Hi there! I'm your newest follower from Three's 4 Me!! I loved this honest post - I love doing what I do and I'm still figuring out how to make some money from it! (and wow - six kids! How do you do it all?) :D

Three's 4 Me said...

Hi Salena! I LOVED the comment about actually making some money at the whole endeavor, because I'm still in the same boat!! Anyway, I'm so glad you linked up, and I'm even MORE glad that fellow partiers have found your blog!! I hope you'll come around on Thursday for another link up party! Yay!

Toaster4JC said...

Hello Selena! I'm your newest follower from Three's 4 Me!! I loved how honest you were in this post. I too hope to make some money from this endeavor at some point!

Pidg said...

Hi Salena! I just wanted to say hey and you're wonderful and get this...the first post I ever read from Nicole at Miss Mommy was the same one you mentioned about her toddler freaking out in Target {I think it was Target} What?! That is so us huh?

Darcie said...

I was the same way with facebook. Now I'm addicted and can't get enough of blogs. It's been so fun to meet new people and see things that everyone creates. I can't wait to get started as well.

Kristine @ JandMs Eye Candy said...

Thank you for sharing! You are awesome!!! Rock on momma :)

Katie Vale said...

Hi Salena! Thanks for sharing. I just started a blog and etsy shop too! It's a little scary for me to think of people buying my things but I'm excited for the new adventure as I'm sure you are too!