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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Love Bug is 2 today, Happy Birthday Hayden!!

Two years ago on this day, October 25th this little lady was born on my late grandmother's birthday.

Today we celebrate her 2nd birthday but she is still our baby.

she was born sleeping
she was a thumb sucker before she was born and we have the ultrasound photos to prove it
she got all her shots right after birth in the delivery room and slept through them all
she slept through her blood tests
she slept through the night from day 1, 14 hours straight
she needed to be forced awake to nurse but was more interested in sleeping than eating

The day she was born
she surprised us with her jaundice levels before we were discharged so she needed to be admitted over night
because she was sleeping so much and not eating regularly, she wasn't passing enough billirubin to keep her healty

Getting to know her in the hospital
she is the tiniest out of all 6 of our kids
she still only weighs 20 lbs
she wears 12-18 months clothes but can fit into 3-9 month clothes as well
she can eat like nobody's business
she can out eat her two sisters right above her
she can sometimes out eat mommy and daddy
where does it all go?  we have no idea.
because she still weighs 20 lbs.  :)
she weaned herself from nursing at 17 months back in March, one day she just wasn't interested anymore
I was so sad and still am

a joyful blessing in our life
she loves to eat
she loves to read
she is very smart
a great helper
the rascal is starting to come out in full force
just like weaning from nursing, her rascal self just appeared one day
every day her rascal seems to be growing stronger
she still does not say much but we can understand her and she communicates in other ways like making gestures or random sounds here and there
she has full pouty lips and we have no idea where she got them
both daddy and I were not blessed with those lips
she is NOT afraid of dogs
she has been pounced on more than once, okay a lot of times by my sister's syberian husky Ares
although he scares her by doing so, she does not hesitate to walk straight up to his face and touch his nose
she is starting to not want to stay in the stroller
if we let her out she will take off in the other direction as fast as she can
she is a stripper child and we have no idea where she got this from
she can strip down from being fully clothed within seconds
she does this over and over and over......
duct tape is our friend :)

The birthday girl.
she is one of the loves of our life
we can sit and watch her all day
she continuously melts our hearts
she kisses anyone who is hurt
asks "wea is he?" constantly when daddy is at work
she loves bags
she fills them with all kinds of goodies and toys
she knows how to match shoes and slippers and can put them on correctly with no help
no one taught her, she learned all on her own
she does not like to have her hair up
she needs to sleep in her own space
has only slept in our bed once which was fairly recently
only because she can climb out of her pack n play
she climbed into our bed and wouldn't stay in hers

she is precious
she is sweet
she is a blessing

she is my love bug

Happy Birthday baby...
We all love you so much and wish you the best birthday ever.

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Darcie said...

I think my daughter (soon to be 2 year old) and yours would have fun together. Theyre really similar. :) She's adorable!

Emily said...

Aww, she's beautiful. Happy birthday Hayden!

Pidg said...

Happy Birthday Hayden! Oh, she is so precious! I know you'll be surprised to know, Logan is my smallest and was jaundice too....lol

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Hayden :) I hope she has a fun filled day..she is so blessed to have such an awesome mom! Enjoy the day celebrating!

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

katie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Sporadically Yours said...

Awww, that was a beautiful birthday tribute to her! Happy birthday to your love bug!

Digger said...

Awww... She's beautiful!! Happy Birthday to her! I love 2 year olds! They're a handful, but so fun to watch as they explore their little worlds!! How fun!

Digger ~xoxo~

Momma Bird said...

they grow up way too fast don't they?!

Shelomita said...

Oh what a lovely post! and lovely pics too :) I landed from MBS and am your new follower now on GFC..I hope you would like to visit me back too at http://cutecoconut.com and it would be my pleasure to have you on my GFC...oh I have just visited your Etsy shop too! would you like me to review your shop?