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Monday, October 31, 2011

Guest Interview: Ashley @ Mommy... A Work In Progress

I have Ashley here today from Mommy... A Work In Progress.

She is wife to Brandon, and mother to Jaxson and Kendra.  Ashley loved learning about her fellow bloggers through all the previous interviews I did that she wanted to join in the fun too.  Here is what she had to tell me...

Q: When did you start blogging and why?
A: I started blogging a little over two months ago. I had been stalking reading a few blogs for a while and was so inspired by so many of you ladies. I have always loved to write and I thought what better way to have a creative outlet and document my daily life with my two kids.

Q:  What is the most valuable lesson you have learned about yourself through blogging up to this point?
A: Hmm.... probably that fear is what is really holding me back from trying new things. I have learned that it is okay to try new things and not succeed the first time. I never knew I could be so crafty either!

Q:  If you were given an all expense paid vacation (sitter included) for you and your husband, where would you go?  
A: There are so many places I want to travel too. This is a topic my hubby and I talk a lot about. I think, though, that my number one choice  would have to be a cruise through the Mediterranean. I would love to see as many places as possible.     

Q:  What is one piece of advice you would give a newly married couple? 
A: Well, I hardly feel qualified since we have only been married 4 years, but I think that some people don't realize that marriage is actually hard work. You get out of it what you put into it! It is an investment. 

Q:  What is one piece of advice you would give to a new mother? 
A: To not always listen to advice! Haha.... people are well meaning and have good intentions, but what worked for one mom or baby, may not work for you or your baby. Trust your instincts, they are often right. :)   

Q:  What is the most important thing you wish for your kids? 
A: I have so many wishes for my kids but one wish is that they never give up on their dreams or themselves. I want them to live a life full of passion and meaning.  

Q:  How do you balance your life?  Are you the type of person who sticks to routines and schedules or easy going and laid back? 
A: I used to be really regimented on my routines and stuck to a specific schedule. After I had kids that all changed. We still have somewhat of a schedule but it varies day to day and I try to live more in the moment now than I did before. 

Q:  Are you a morning person or a night person? 
A: Depends on what I did the night before! Usually I am a morning person. I seem to be most productive first thing in the day.   

Q:  Besides blogging, what do you love to do in your spare time? 
A:  I just got into crafting and I am loving it! I really like to read but I don't seem to have much time for it anymore. I also love anything that entails spending time with friends and family! Ooh.. and I can't forget about football! Huge football fan here!

We weren't gonna let a little bit of rain stop us!
Q:  If you could visit Hawaii what are 3 things off the top of your head that you must do once you get here? 
A:  My husband has never been so hit the beach and do some snorkeling. I have also wanted to do a shark feeding too and try some traditional Hawaiian cuisine.  

Q:  How was your school years and how do you wish for things to be different for your kids?
A:  My school years were pretty good to me. I just wish I wouldn't have given up on things too easily when they got hard, though. I was always a pretty good student except when it came to math. I could have done a lot better but I gave up. I need to believe in myself more. 

Q:  Complete this sentence: “If you really knew me, you would know that I __________” 
A:  Have a really dry sense of humor and am actually quite funny when you get to know me. I have been told by people in the past that I intimidate them and that makes me sad. I think because I tend to be a little more closed off and reserved when I first meet someone it may come across as something else entirely and I don't mean for it to! I love meeting new people and making new friends! 

Q:  What do you know for sure? 
A:  Oh man, this is a toughie. Some days I feel like I don't know anything for sure. I do know that I have never been as happy in my life as I am right now. :) 

Q:  What was your “Ah-HA!” moment?   
A:  I feel like I have had a lot of Ah Ha moments lately. One of them being that at the end of the day the only person I have to answer to for my choices is God and myself. As long as I am living my life accordingly than it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. :) .

Q:  Who is the most inspiring person to you at the moment? 
A:  I feel like there are a lot of inspiring people out there right now, but my hubby inspires me a lot. He works really hard to support this family and puts his life on the line for other people on a daily basis. :)

Thank you Ashley for sharing a little bit about yourself here today.

Please go visit Mommy... A Work In Progress!

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Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

Great post & interview! Good job, ladies! :)

Pidg said...

I love who you answer to at the end of the day... Nice to meet you Ashley;)

KERRY said...

Great post!! Thanks for sharing all of that Ashley. Such a neat way to get to know others. Thanks Salena!

Jenae @ Wildflower said...

Great post guys! Great to meet you Ashley! I love posts like this :)

Ashley said...

Nice to "meet" you guys too! :)