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Monday, October 24, 2011

Guest Interview:: Amber @ Sneakers Over Stilettos

In my continuation to get to know my fellow blogger friends better, I have asked Amber from Sneakers Over Stilettos to do a Q&A interview.  

Amber is the one I know the least about so I was so happy when she agreed to do this interview.  I love receiving comments on my blog and Amber is one of the faithful who always has encouraging words to share with me.  She is wife to Jason and mother to Ethan and Peyton.

Here is what she had to say...

1. Q: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned about yourself through blogging up to this point?
I have learned to not be so nervous of taking risks. I use to constantly wonder how I would be judged. And as much as everyone around me told me to only care what I thought of myself. I still cared what other might say. Since blogging my confidence has grown and I have taken risks. Seeing other bloggers start a business or sometimes more then one business has taught me that doing more then one thing does not make a person flaky, but it makes them interesting and inspiring. I currently have my photography business and I am in the business plan stage for a second business in the fashion world.

2.Q: If you were given an all expense paid vacation (sitter included) for you and Jason, where would you go?
Paris! Its a cliche I know, but I am obsessed with anything to do with Paris or that is Parisian. I have wanted to be there for as long as I can remember. I would stay at le Hôtel Langlois. If I could I would love to take a tour of Coco Chanel's apartment, and buy my first 2.55 Chanel flap bag! Another thing on the to do list would be to visit this fence where you place a lock on one of the links and then throw the key into the river behind the fence. Securing that you will be in love forever.

3.Q: What is one piece of advice you would give a newly married couple?
Hmmm I have only been married two years, but I would say that while its great to do everything together, don't forget about your friends and go on girls nights when you can, and don't feel guilty about it. And I would also say that you can't expect your spouse to do things as you would. You have to let them handle things within their own comfort level, if you push to hard to get them to do things the way you want you will just cause resentment. If something really is bothering you then make sure you tell your spouse. But do it in a comfortable way, choosing the wrong time or tone of conversation won't help anything. If you have kids know that your parenting styles won't match every time. In our house if Ethan does something wrong one of us will take the lead in handling the situation and we will always back each other up. If I feel that the situation could have been handled differently I will tell Jason afterwards so not to undermine him and he does the same for me. Compromise and communication should be a married couples favorite concepts.

4.Q: What is the most important thing you wish for your Ethan and Peyton?
I wish for them to be happy. And I wish for them to treat everyone and everything kindly. Ethan has already started to show signs of being earth conscious. I hope that his innocence of making the planet more and more green with never leave. When I take him out for lunch he will let a take out place know that cardboard containers are better then styrofoam without hesitance. And on occasions has asked if the ingredients in something are local. And if he ever catches you littering you better be prepared for a speech on why its wrong. The really funny part is that while we do recycle 90% of our trash. We have never really taught him about why we do this. He learned it all on his own. I hope that he keeps the way that he views ''his planet'' with him forever.

5.Q: How do you balance your life? Are you the type of person who sticks to routines and schedules or easy going and laid back?
I think I am somewhere in the middle, I makes tons and tons of lists for everything. Jason laughs because he finds them all over the house. He also laughs because I rarely use my lists, mostly because I either lose them, or I am really fickle and change my mind about what I want to do that week, or what kind of groceries I want to buy.

As far as a balance goes I let Ethan and Peyton have quite a bit of control over what we do. If its sunny out and Ethan asks to go for a walk I have no problem letting the house work sit till later or even the next day. I do everything I can to make their childhoods as fun and memorable as I can.

6.Q: Are you a morning person or a night person?
Definitely a night person! It is so hard for me to wake up. Thankfully we have a super comfy sofa, so if I am having a hard time waking up I can put a movie on for Ethan and Pea and rest a little longer on our sofa with them. Usually around 9am I am fine and up for the day. I do go to sleep at a pretty decent hour. Usually around 10pm, but I just hate leaving my comfy warm bed in the morning. Especially on the days when Ethan and Peyton decide 5am is a good time to wake up...

7.Q: Besides blogging and crafting, what do you love to do on your spare time?
When I am on my own I love to do something in photography, or if the opportunity comes up working fashion. I recently become a contributor of a friend of mines site streetscout.me. This particular project has also been another confidence builder. It took sometime to approach people with confidence and ask if I could take a photo of their outfit.

Being a stylist in the past has given me a trained eye to constantly look at what people are wearing. After Peyton was born I had to stop being a stylist, it was a little to hard to be one with two kids in tow. But I missed this part of my life so much. So this past week when I was able to put my talent for spotting trendy people to an actual use again. I was so excited to be able to get back into the fashion world. And I get to combine photography as well, which made it just that much better!

8.Q: If you could visit Hawaii what are 3 things off the top of your head that you must do once you get here?
I would want to go see the Pipeline wave. All though I do have a bit of a fear of being taken away by a wave this just seems like something that I could not pass up seeing. Keeping with that theme I might like to conquer that fear and learn to surf. Maybe not at the pipeline though.... and the last thing I would want to do is hike the kalalau trail. I enjoy hiking and I have heard the beach there is very good! And I have to add a fourth and meet you!

9.Q: How was your school years and how do you wish for things to be different for Ethan and Peyton?
My school years were pretty good. I somehow managed to avoid being involved in a lot of drama. Of course I did once and a while, but it was usually so small that I can't remember what it was about today. My one struggle I had was I was not one of those people that could remember things easily. I had to study ALOT. Ethan seems to pick up on things fairly easily and remembers them well. So I hope that's a habit that sticks so that he can have a little more free time then I did to enjoy time with his friends.

10.Q: Who is the most inspiring person to you at the moment?
Definitely Jason. He is an inventor and tinker, watching him come up with ideas inspires me to feel confident to try for things that are out of the box or not easy, and if they flop then I can try again or do something different. He is great because while he does encourage and support he's not afraid to point out the flaws in my ventures or ask really tough questions. I don't always like this, mostly because I know that it means more work if he's right. But I know he does it because he believes in me and my projects.

Thanks so much Salena for interviewing me!

Thank you Amber for sharing more about yourself here today.  I love how each of us are so different!  Amber sill be returning with a giveaway soon so keep an eye out for it!

Please go and visit her at her blog, just click on the picture below...
Sneakers Over Stilettos

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Ashley said...

I love that you are doing these interviews so we can all get a chance to know fellow bloggers better!