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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Treasured Time


I got to see my granddaughter Aaliyah twice this week.  I don't get to see her often so it was fun to have her over two days in a row.  She had fun playing with Dakota and Hayden while Aleshanee was at school

Dakota and I had one on one time and had fun together building a house for her little toys and then a witch house.  Not sure how she came up with that one but it was so much fun.

When Hayden woke up from her nap she put on her (well, mine but they took them from me and they think it's theirs) high shoes (that's what Aleshanee calls my heels), grabbed one of her many bags and was having fun walking around the house by herself.

Later, Aleshanee came home from school and while Dakota was napping... made this box car for Hayden and pulled her around the house for  a little while.  It's so nice seeing them play nicely together.

Daddy surprised us with a night out.  Money is really tight right now so these times have been scarce lately.  We got to go to Aleshanee's (well, my favorite now too) favorite place, Menchie's for yummy yogurt.  I could eat there everyday, I want some now.  :)

We strolled through our neighborhood mall for the evening.  The girls stopped to watch the fishes.  It was so cute because that's the first time the three of them sat together like this to watch, so quietly.  It was so cute to see Hayden pointing and trying to tell us something about the fish.

The girls stopped for a hula hoop session.  Aleshanee is a pro, and I don't mean that lightly.  She is a super pro.  Dakota, not so much.  She hasn't learned how to do it at all yet but she has fun trying.

Towards the end of our night, the girls spotted these green chairs.  They loved it so much they had to ask Daddy if they could get it.  I had told them no but they had to ask Daddy just to be sure.  I thought they were $18 each, crazy!  So we told them that if it was a few dollars (which we both knew it wasn't) that they could get it.  Took it to the price scanner, they were all excited with their hopes really high..... scanned.......... $23 each!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What?????!!!! The girls were disappointed to say the least.  There were tears involved.  =(....  Daddy settled on a couple of stickers then they were happy.  By the way, those chairs were salon chairs for dolls.  What will they come up with next?

We all had fun.  It was nice to get out of the house for a change.  Having a tight budget, sky high gas prices, husband's work hours and overtime slowing down... these times are treasured.  Just being together, experiencing life, and being able to witness the girl’s reactions to things around them is just so precious.

All my heart


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Pidg said...

What sweet memories you're making. I know what you mean about those little trips out, they really do mean the world sometimes!

Rachel said...

Very sweet words and adorable pictures. Love the Lego ones -- they certainly show the creativity of those sweet little ones. :)

Thanks for linking up with friday favorites as well -- it was a blessing to read about your moments of joy.


Meredith Resnick said...

I love how you appreciate the moments as they are happening. That's wonderful!

~ Meredith From A Mother Seeking Come find me on my blog, A Mother Seeking...