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Friday, September 16, 2011

Do A Little Dance and a Sing-a-long

My day started like this

While waiting for the school bus, I asked Aleshanee if I could take her picture.  This is what she gave me.  She is full of spunk and crazy antics most of the time.

My night ended like this

Celebrating my dad’s 54th Birthday.  My mom made Japanese food, we had shrimp tempura, vegetable tempura, shrimp, sushi, poke (raw fish), mochi, chicken, fish, cold somen salad, and ended with vanilla cake and ice cream.  We all sang happy birthday and were so full when we headed home.

All my heart,


Pidg said...

Holy Cow your Daddy is 54? My husband's parents are young too. Sweet pictures Salena!

Lacee said...

Aww this made me smile :) What a doll!

Groovy Baby Blog said...

Awesome Pic!
Angela & Angelica