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Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Day the Nation Stood Still

Remembering 9/11

I was in a dead sleep when my husband came into the room and woke me up.  “A plane crashed into a building”, he said.  I was so tired I didn’t comprehend what he was saying.  He kept coming back into the room to wake me up.  “Another plane crashed into another building”, he said.  I finally woke up, “What?!”.

I rushed out into the living room and watched the news.  I sat there and could not believe what I was seeing.  It was surreal.  The more I watched, the more it sunk in. 

How could this happen?
Why did this happen?
Oh my God, what about all the people?

The faces of all the people flashed on the screen and their expressions ripped through my heart.

By the time we saw the coverage it was about 6am on a weekday.

I had no idea what I was supposed to do.

Do I go to work?  Do my kids go to school?  What am I going to do?

I called my job and everyone was going in, there was no talk about closing the office.

I was so emotional.  I was upset.  How can something like this be happening, we were under attack and my office which is in no way essential to anyone to be open on that day,  was expecting all of us to come in?

What about my kids?  I did not want to send them to school.  I wanted to sit there and hold them and be with them.  I thought of all the families who lost their loved ones, who were going to lose their loved ones and will never be with them again.  I just wanted to be home with my family.

I regret sending my kids to school all because my job did not excuse us to stay home.  Every year on this day, I always think the same thing.  I should have stayed home, we all should have stayed home.

I went to work and everyone was in the conference room off and on watching the news.  I could have been doing that at home with my kids. 

Hearing the reports of all the people who were missing and all the heroes who helped that day I cannot fathom what went on over at Ground Zero.

Just the mention of 9/11 carries so much weight in my heart, especially when the anniversary of the event comes upon us.

I cannot believe it’s been 10 years.  It seems like it just happened yesterday.  Although I know what happened and have watched news footage from every angle and every direction repeatedly over the past 10 years I cannot step away from it replaying again.

I sit and watch as if it’s happening all over again. 

One thing I am grateful for is being a witness to how ordinary people, strangers even, came together in unity on that day and the years that followed.  

I am reminded that God is revealed through others when everything is crumbling around us.

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Mrs. White said...

It was definitely a surreal time. I remember watching it before school, which by the way I was in High School. Then we all didn't even really have class. All our teachers did was talk about what was happening.

It's still sad till this day. I pray nothing like that happens again to our people.