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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bon Dance

Mililani Bon Dance

On Saturday night, I went with my family to our local Bon Dance.  It is the first time that my little girls went and they had so much fun.  Nobody in our group wanted to dance.  Well, with the exception of my nephew and my baby girl.  Only thing is they wanted to do it from where we were watching and not up in with the crowd.  It was so cute, I tried to get pictures and video of them but no luck.

They had a Country Store full of crafters selling really cool stuff.  I just window shopped so I have nothing cool to show you.  =)

My girls were asking all night for Shave Ice so they finally got some at the end of the night.  They always chose the Rainbow flavor so I got it for them tonight too.  Rainbow is a mix of vanilla, banana, and strawberry.  It was so yummy, I could smell the flavors as they handed it to me.  

I got them some really cool glasses.  The lenses flip up and down and all around.  It was a little confusing for them at first but it kept them busy.

Bon Dances have yummy food available too.  Here's some of the food that was being sold:
Chicken Hekka
Kalua Cabbage
Beef Stew
Hot Dogs
Andagi Donuts
Shave Ice
and more but I can't remember it all.

If you would like to learn more about the Okinawan Bon Dance Festival you can click here:  www.youngokinawans.org

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